Enhance your sales strategy with OtoPilot's comprehensive sales tool, designed specifically for the solar industry. Acting as a central hub, our platform integrates essential sales functions to streamline operations and boost efficiency. Key features include advanced lead management to track all customer interactions and sales progress, ensuring no lead is overlooked. Customizable proposal tools allow for the quick generation of tailored proposals, increasing the likelihood of client acceptance. Integrated financing options offer seamless solutions directly through the app, expediting decision-making and improving conversion rates. Additionally, comprehensive installer coordination provides detailed data for efficient scheduling and management of installation processes.

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OtoPilot also offers real-time sales analytics, empowering you to monitor and analyze sales data continuously. This feature allows for immediate adjustments and informed strategic decision-making to enhance overall sales performance. The platform's integrated financing options facilitate seamless financial solutions directly through the app, speeding up the decision-making process and improving conversion rates.

Comprehensive installer coordination provides access to detailed installer data, enabling efficient scheduling and management of installation processes to ensure timely and professional service delivery. By transforming your sales approach into a more dynamic, efficient, and customer-focused operation, OtoPilot significantly boosts productivity and profitability in the competitive solar market. Whether you are looking to optimize lead management, streamline proposal creation, or enhance installer coordination, OtoPilot's tools are designed to meet your specific needs and drive your business forward.


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OtoPilot is a comprehensive platform tailored for the solar industry, designed to streamline operations and enhance sales capabilities. It features an ecosystem suited for both residential and commercial sectors, supporting businesses as they expand across multiple states. Key services include targeted marketing tools, scalable project management capabilities, and AI-powered analytics, all aimed at improving operational efficiency and customer engagement.
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Absolutely! Our solutions cater to both individual homeowners and businesses looking to harness the benefits of solar energy.
Joining OtoPilot provides streamlined operations and growth tools. Benefits include:
• Multi-state compliance, easing expansion.
• Targeted marketing for diverse markets.
• AI insights for informed strategic decisions.
• Enhanced efficiency and operational capabilities.
• Expanded business reach and competitive edge